Découvrir Troyes

This presentation is only an introduction.
Before being the place of factory shops and prestigious hosiery brands (Lacoste, Petit-Bateau, Olympia, Babygro, etc.), it was a Roman city, a fortified town, a radiant crossroads of cultures and trade in the Middle Ages with its Champagne fairs where merchants converged from all over Europe and beyond.
Its abundant architectural heritage, with its timber-framed houses, its Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul cathedral, its ten churches ("What are we doing in Troyes? Ringing the bell"), its medieval streets (rue François Gentil, ruelle des Chats, etc.), its hotels (Marisy, Mauroy) restore an atmosphere of these periods. It is also the city of the poet Chrestien de Troyes (12th century) at the court of Marie de Champagne, daughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Louis VII. It is also home to the Blue Library, a popular literature known as "peddling". And what about the remarkable statuary of the "Master of Chaource"!
In this historic heart in the shape of a "Champagne cork", surrounded by an arm of the Seine, is the Maison de l'outil et de la pensée ouvrière (MOPO), which relates the life of trades throughout history through its unique and renowned collection of tools. And what can be said about all those daring people of the Aubagne: artists, inventors, gentlemen, discoverers, etc., whose testimony can be found at the bend in the road. It is also the city of Rachi (11th century), rabbi and admirable exegete of the Torah known throughout the world.
Troyes abounds in beauty, talent and hidden treasures.
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